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Virginia Lawmaker Proposes Transparency, Accountability in Higher Ed Governance

Today, Partners for College Affordability and Public Trust released a new report – the College Governing Board Accountability Assessments – evaluating Virginia’s college and university governing boards when it comes to transparent and accountable decision-making. The report’s release coincides with the start of the 2021 session of the Virginia General Assembly as lawmakers consider a new bill by Delegate Mark Keam (D-Fairfax), chair of the higher education subcommittee of House Education, targeting board governance.

"Service on a Board of Visitors for a Virginia public university is a highly coveted political appointment, but it is also a position of serious responsibility,” said Delegate Mark Keam. “Their decisions impact the lives of countless students, faculty, staff, and the broader university communities. At a time when the public’s trust in our institutions is frail and taxpayers demand more from government, I believe our colleges and universities must reassure their stakeholders that they are committed to the highest standards of public service. HB 2120 seeks to improve transparency and accountability in the governance structures of our institutions of higher education."

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