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JMU Alumni Calls on JMU Board of Visitors to Conduct Review of Provost's Actions

More Info on the event here:

Two local news sources — The Citizen & The Breeze — have covered a story that the Daily News-Record has apparently ignored. The story centers around a letter by two dozen JMU Jewish faculty and staff members to JMU President Alger reporting their reasons for boycotting the recent Holocaust Remembrance Program at JMU. The story of how JMU’s Provost circumvented the committee planning the event to promote her own agenda is sad enough itself, but the subsequent failure of the DN-R to take notice of the story is of even greater concern.

As a DN-R subscriber, Virginia taxpayer, JMU alum, and local resident I call on the DN-R and our community to be aware of how the Jewish faculty and staff at JMU has been mistreated and to contact our local elected officials and the JMU Board of Visitors requesting them to conduct a full review of the provost’s actions.

Jeff Bolander


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