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The Madison Cabinet was established to achieve the following goals:

  • Promoting free speech and diversity of thought and ideas on campus

  • Ensuring transparency of information and data to the Board of Visitors

  • Holding the Board of Visitors and JMU Senior Leadership accountable for actions

  • Increasing access to public documents currently unavailable on the BOV website

  • Assisting like minded student organization with free speech events and programs


The Madison Cabinet for Free Speech and Accountability is a group of alumni from James Madison University who are committed to promoting and safeguarding freedom of expression, intellectual diversity, and academic freedom on campus. 

The Madison Cabinet is concerned that if current trends continue at JMU, the University will be unrecognizable to the hundreds of thousands of JMU alumni who know and love the institution. The proliferation of major and general education courses that are driven by identity politics and political agendas relating to race, class, sex, gender, etc, are indicative of a university pursuing only one viewpoint. The Madison Cabinet will ensure that the Board of Visitors and University leadership are aware of the viewpoints of all faculty, staff, and students, not just those that conform to the national prevailing political and university culture. We believe in being “engaged” with all ideas and viewpoints.

We ask for more transparency in the university's governance and protections for student and faculty expression. Through our combined efforts, we will elevate the time-honored traditions of American higher education at our alma mater, by promoting rigorous discourse, facilitating academic inquiry, and ensuring transparency from the Board of Visitors. 


Madison Cabinet Members

Jeff Bolander 

Rachel Boyell

Dan Caprio 

Chuck Cunningham

Mark Esposito

Jeff Tickle 

Constance "Cammie" Vest 

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